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CBMT’s corporate stress-management programs offer your company the means to dramatically reduce the effects of stress on your workforce. These programs provide skill sets and proven frameworks for employees to integrate into their daily lives. Your employees will learn to redefine how they interface with stress. The net results: reduced healthcare costs, decreased absenteeism, and increased productivity.

Unleashing Your Employees’ Full Potential

You expect your employees to deliver flexible, creative, and sustainable performance – the kind that comes from people who know how to balance the urgent demands of work life and personal life. Yet, more often than not your employees’ full potential is never realized.

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Why? Because stress continually and drastically impacts the performance of the American workforce, disrupting balance on both professional and personal fronts.

The Business Value of Stress Management

It’s a sobering fact: stress and stress-related disorders cost American corporations and industry more than $300 billion each year. And the more successful your company, the more potential exists for increases in costs associated with workplace stress. But the costs associated with stress can be reduced or prevented. Workplace stress is a fact of life. How employees respond to that stress can, however, be changed.

We have a solution – a new and viable stress-interface paradigm for business that allows your employees to excel under the demands of increased stress as your company becomes more successful. Our P.A.C.E.™ stress-interface paradigm fosters dynamic growth based on a healthier, more resilient, and flexible workforce able to embrace stress instead of being broken by it. The results can also translate into reduced healthcare costs, decreased absenteeism, reduced employee-turnover rates, and increased productivity.

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Enabling Rapid and Lasting Change

Our approach to stress management solutions is straightforward. First, we differentiate between workplace stress and response to workplace stress. Then we introduce and integrate a new skill set of stress-management techniques to redefine employees' relationship to actual stress. This approach not only begins to produce immediate shifts in the effects of stress on your workforce but also can yield lasting changes in your employees’ lives, both on and off the job.


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