Worried Businessman

Two Important Questions

National statistics offer a sobering window into the magnitude of the effects of stress on the American workforce. But when it comes down to your own organization’s employees, national statistics should just be the starting point. The next step is to ask two important questions:

  1. How stressed are your employees?
  2. How specifically is stress affecting their health and their work?

It All Starts With the Bottom Line

Our Bottom-Line Stress Assessment® can provide you with these important answers. It details different levels of stress in your workforce and shows how stress is affecting employee health, job performance, and productivity.

Customized Corporate Programs

Once you have the answers to how stress is impacting your organization, we will customize one of our training programs to meet the needs of your unique employee base and work environment.

Assessing Change

Our comprehensive Bottom-Line Stress Assessment® also provides the means to measure changes in the way your employees interface with stress over the course of a specific period of time. It all starts with obtaining a statistical picture of how stress is currently affecting your workforce. This becomes the baseline to which future assessments can be compared. A detailed report and consultation are provided with the results of each assessment.



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